Lillian Todaro

todaro_over necklaceMulti-award winning artist Lillian M. Todaro is noted for her creations of wearable and freestanding sculptures.

Each sculpture consists of thousands of fine beads, crystals and semiprecious stones hand-woven with a special, nylon thread. The needle may end up going through each bead up to five times; a single, wearable sculpture can take 100 hours to complete!

For over 20 years, Lilly’s fans and collectors come not only from California, but from around the Nation and the world. One fan now has over thirty pairs of earrings, another collector has five of Lillian’s sculptured purses! She is shown at the upscale Contemporary Crafts Market in Santa Monica, California.

The last decade, Lilly has moved into creating award-winning wearable art. “I am compelled to design new concepts, and in fact, I feel I must bead something new every day. I have designs floating in my head all the time, inspired by events in my life and the world around me.”
The Lillian Todaro Collection has won numerous awards including several First Place Awards and Best of Show in the Jewelry Category. The Medusa Bead Sculpture won while competing against gold and diamonds. Her collection also includes Original Lilly’s, and her popular Vintage Collection.

You can reach Lillian Todaro at her studio in Redondo Beach at 310-379-2650 or online at