Mark & Carla Mead

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Mark and Carla Mead

Meet the Designers

Mark S. Mead
“I hope our customers enjoy the custom jewelry I create for them and are reminded of the two things that are most important…to love life and family. We can’t take either for granted.”

* Artisan jewelry designer and experienced technician
* 34 years in the jewelry industry
* Associate of Arts, Jewelry Manufacturing, Paris Institute of Technology, Paris,Texas (1980).
* Co-owned retail store with his brothers in Bisbee, AZ. Sourced and cut native turquoise and other stones (1974-1979)
* Jeweler and Stone-Setter for jewelry manufacturing companies such as Prince Jewelry Co. (Baltimore,MD), Maui Gold Manufacturers (Maui, Hawaii), and Cornelis Hollander Designs, an award winning jewelry designer in Scottsdale, AZ.
* Co-founded Black Mountain Jewelry Co. in September 2005. Applies expertise in all phases of jewelry manufacture to handcraft heirloom-quality semi-custom and custom jewelry.
* While most jewelry companies concentrate on metal work and stone setting, Mark also applies his skills as an expert lapidary artist to creat unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Carla Vaughn-Mead
“Sleek, polished jewelry doesn’t appeal to me. I like to see the evidence of the hand of the artist in their work and strive for that in my own.”

* 18 years experience in art and jewelry business, including eight years as the Buyer for Beadbox, Inc. an International mail order bead catalog.
* Experienced with all aspects of mail order.
* Experienced with importing, exporting and sourcing of materials
* Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking and sculpture, MJSA, Rutgers University.
* Brings artistic and business background to Black Mountain Jewelry Co.

Reach Mark and Carla Mead in their studio in Alpine, Arizona at 602 526 6318, or online at