Mary Hicklin

Hicklin,Mary virgo moonMary Hicklin’s jewelry line, Virgo Moon offers one-of-a-kind, handmade jewelry and accessories for lovers of beads and stones.
Virgo Moon was established in 1990. As you might guess, the name of my company refers to the astrological observation that my moon is in Virgo. According to some, this accounts for my delight in arranging “little fiddly bits.” A piece pleases me if it looks nice from a distance, and continues to surprise as you get closer to see the detail in it. I love the profusion of nature, and you will see this reflected in my work.
I have loved beads and done beadwork since a child. I have taken classes from many, many wonderful teachers and artists in order to develop a rich vocabulary. My gratitude to them for their generosity in sharing their knowledge is enormous.

You can reach Mary Hicklin and Virgo Moon at Mary’s studio in San Diego at (619) 443-0518, or online at