Richard Lindsay

Richard Lindsay

An American artist—a metalsmith and a jewelry maker—Richard Lindsay creates work that embodies a classic American style and feeling with a touch of the New American West. His jewelry is sophisticated, expertly crafted and elegant. Richard’s work has a clean sensibility with an emphasis on essential style.

A fourth generation Coloradan who has lived in Santa Fe over thirty years, Richard uses his personal experiences and innate awareness of the West and Southwest when crafting his jewelry.

Deeply imbued by the mystery of ancient and modern symbology, Richard blends these themes into jewelry that is understated and enduring. Classic design and natural beauty are his signatures, a look that gives every woman a sense of radiant individuality.

His designs have been featured in Accessories, Ladies Home Journal and Life magazines and worn by many celebrities including Meryl Streep, Madonna and Sandra Bullock. Richard’s classic star necklace was also featured as a tribute to 9/11. Traveling frequently, he brings his iconic and uncommon work to numerous venues throughout the country. This year he has appeared in many group and one man shows from Dallas and Phoenix to Palm Springs and Kansas City. His jewelry has also been featured in the Pendleton Catalogue and the Santa Fe Catalogue. He has designed several pieces for the acclaimed singer Josh Groban and his exclusive fan club. Plus he has designed for several other hip-hop stars including Tynisha Keli.

Richard’s Happy Critters were featured on QVC. Richard’s famous feather designs have been worn by Paris and Nicky Hilton and Tori Spelling. His work was shown on Regis & Kelly, Jay Leno and in various fashion magazines. Richard was selected as designer for PBS Kids Fund Drive. He also designed a logo pin for a Deepak Chopra kickoff event & book signing.

Using high karat gold, silver, precious and unusual gems and stones to create imaginative works of jewelry and art is Richard’s forte. His work is influenced by the American spirit and exemplifies Authentic American Jewelry. Lindsay’s creativity and his sense of the classic and contemporary make his work eminently collectible. He is represented nationwide in art galleries, museums and specialty shops.

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