Rosanne Hanson

Hanson,Roseann western jewelry My current lines can best be described as jewelry with a Western flavor – for anyone with a bit of the West in their hearts if not under their soles. The main jewelry lines center around the Bella Bola necklace. The Bola is an old Western classic, and the Bella Bola is the new modern classic. Pendants for the Bola come in at least 3 styles. Recent additions to the lines are Bracelets and Brooches – more fun, special pieces to brighten your outlook.

My Desert Rose Design Studio is located in the gorgeous Sonoran Desert about 1 hour southwest of Tucson, Arizona, in the Sierrita Mountains. The studio – and my home, which I share with my husband Jonathan and border collie Rob – is off-the-grid and adjacent to half a million acres of wildlife refuge, wilderness, and ranchlands. We generate our power with solar panels, and our communications are via satellite.

I am a native of southern Arizona, and my family has been rock hounding here for 50 years. A few years ago my dad, Charlie Beggy, gave me all his lapidary and silversmithing equipment, and so all those years exploring the desert with him (five kids – he put us to work as unpaid pack mules!) must have seeped in, as I jumped right in to creating jewelry and cutting stones. He taught me a lot, and is a great inspiration! I also work as a naturalist and writer; I’ve published numerous natural history books with Jonathan, and many magazine articles.

Most of my stones I buy from miners and lapidaries I know – Robert Poley of Sweetwater Mine in Arizona, Gerry Galarneau of Phoenix, to name two – but occasionally I will use a stone I cut at the studio.

You can reach Rosanne Hanson at her studio in Tucson at (520)591-0508 or online at