Scott Bechtold

Bechtold-pendantScott Bechtold has always loved creating art, even at an early age. When asked how he got involved with making art, he says “It has always found me. It’s just my nature.” Growing up in Cave Creek certainly has helped nurture his love for mastering all types of artistic mediums.
Six years ago he was an apprentice under Melissa Paxton where he learned how to work with stained, carved and blown glass. The renowned master jeweler Kit Carson spotted his talent and approached him about learning how to be a silver and gold smith.  He’s currently 3 years into a 5 year apprenticeship. His pieces are unique, with a focus on fine detail and superior quality.

You can reach Scott at the number480-488-9373. You will probably get an answering machine because he’s too busy working on a new project, but make sure to leave a message! Otherwise try mailing him a letter at P.O. Box 1995, Cave Creek, AZ 85327.