H.L. “Tom” Thomas

Thomas,Tom&Sharon LEATHERTom Thomas has been holding up the world’s pants since 1969. It all started when Tom’s wife, Barbara, wanted a leather purse as a gift. Then a student, Tom couldn’t afford to buy her a purse, so the loving husband decided to make her one. His creation won the admiration of friends and neighbors, who wanted leather accessories for themselves, and the business has grown since. He has won numerous awards from art shows nation wide in his work in bags, belts, backpacks, and briefcases.

Bored of the rectangular shape of most leather, Tom finds geometrical inspiration in the physical world around him. He has been inspired by shapes ranging from Japanese lamps to the Egyptian Pyramids.

Depicted here is a red leather bag by Texas artists H.L. Thomas. The handbag, entitled “Architectonia II” is a structured bag with innovative interior and exterior pockets that define a visually distinctive negative space. The bag is hand lacquered, tannery embossed cowhide.

“I enjoy the smell and touch of leather. I am just happiest when cutting and shaping leather into useful objects,” says Tom. “I am also very fortunate to have a wonderful wife who has supported me all these years, who has always been there for me.”

Tom can be reached at his studio in Belton, Texas by phone, 254-780-2135, or on his website www.tomthomas.com.