Mark & Cody Carter

carter,mark cool shoe

These shoes are hand-cobbled by Mark Carter in Prescott, Arizona and are the funkiest shoes anywhere in the wearable art world. Each and every shoe is handmade and hand-painted by both Mark, and his wife Cody, and is fun, cool and comfy.

Born in England, Mark moved to London in 1984 looking for work. Just out of art school, he stumbled across a shoe shop, and signed-on to paint shoes for the shoemakers that just arrived from Zimbabwe. The South Africans taught him all they knew, and much more. Mark eventually acquired his own equipment and a sense of style, and made a move to the states, where he later met his wife, Cody.

Cody studied fine art at the University of Arizona, in Tucson. With a painting degree in hand, she soon met Mark, who was seeking out someone to help with the artwork on the shoes. Their talents and lives went hand in hand, and that’s where they are today…Creating the most outrageous kicks you’ll find anywhere.

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