Patricia Brown-Fetters

Brown-Fetters1 CRANEPatricia Brown-Fetters was born in Vestaburg, Pennsylvania in 1947. She won her first art ribbon for a drawing she did in third grade. In High School she was awarded several awards for all of her artwork. Patricia’s life and artwork have taken her literally around the globe. Patricia creates leather relief and sculptured leather art. Patricia spent years of research and development to perfect her leather relief sculpture. Making the necessary dyes and glazes for the soft transparent ‘watercolor’ look is very important. Before Patricia’s research, leather painting had been hard, brittle and likely to chip off. Patricia’s original work is done in non-hardening oil based clays, allowing each leather relief their own freedom of form. The constant re-sculpting of the clay and the personality of each leather hide creates a beautiful blending of freedom of form and image. For more information contact Patricia at 480-985-5731.