Andy Kirsch

kirsch_overAndy Kirsch, born in Alaska in 1955, lives and works out of his home in Lake Montezuma, Arizona in the Verde Valley. He is a self-taught artist who draws, paints, sculpts, designs furniture and jewelry, and crafts his line of unique clocks. He is never without a pad and pencil to sketch his ideas.

Andy sees art in ordinary items such as washers, copper tubing, metal, wood, nuts and bolts. His pieces combine elegance and whimsy. They challenge people to view common objects such as clocks and candle stick holders in different ways.

Andy is the sole creator of each of the clocks he displays. He hand cut each one and used an abrasive pad to give it a finish that reflects the light. He sprays each clock with a clear lacquer to prevent tarnishing. Andy hand paints the aluminum faces and hands.