Juan Zavala

zavala_over metal ROSE DANCERJuan Zavala is a metal artist. Artistic Alchemy is is small, studio workshop. Juan creates one-of-a-kind artwork from cold rolled flat bar steel. He does not use any jugs or molds; each piece is individually hand forged to achieve the desired shape and design. Juan enjoys creating along a variety of themes, including human figures, musical instruments, sports, tropical and wildlife. Juan also designs one-of-a-kind utilitarian items including wine, towel and pot racks. In addition to the pieces he creates, Juan also accepts custom orders from designs his patrons have in mind. Keep in mind that Juan is not a production studio. While he strives to keep some of his best selling pieces in stock, all his works are one-of-a-kind, and when they are gone, they are gone.

You can reach Juan Zavala at his studio in Brea at 949-246-7555, or online at