Manny & Nancy Spadaro

spadaro3 kinetic spinner artMy wife and I produce Spuds Spinners, our own unique line of Kinetic Metal Art. We make the finest stainless steel spinners, in a variety of shapes and sizes. Kinetic art adds a new dimension to any space. The illusions created provide enjoyment to young and old alike.

Spuds Spinners are made using one piece of stainless steel, which we laser cut, powder and clear coat. No two are alike. We hope you enjoy our kinetic metal art as much as we enjoy making them.

Since our Spuds Spinners are fabricated with stainless steel, you can create your own illusion by reshaping them. This feature also makes Spuds Spinners foldable, and transportable. An ideal Kinetic Art gift for tourists, and for the holidays.

Our original kinetic art creations include illusions in a variety of shapes including the Circle, Diamond, 6-Point Star, Cross, Oval and Heart. Visit Solid Illusions for a closer look. Our insert spuds spinners include the Butterfly, Eagle, Kokopelli, Cactus/Saguaro, Sun and Moon, and Hummingbird. Visit our Insert Gallery for a closer look.
We are always adding new creations. The best way to see our complete inventory is to visit us at the art and craft shows we sell at. You can reach us at our studio in Mesa, Arizona at (602)770-5684, or online at