Michael Krob

Michael J. Krob was born in Cortez, Colorado at the base of nearby Mesa Verde National Park. Surrounded by Native Culture and Tradition, his natural artistic ability was nurtured further by a welding teacher in High School. The artist began designing his beautiful metal art after becoming a certified welder. Michael J. Krob has created unique steel art commissioned in private and commercial properties. His work is displayed proudly in regional public parks. He has participated in fine art exhibitions across the country for over a decade, and is now offering his art for all to enjoy. Finally, everyone from the collectors to recent patrons and now you, may enjoy this remarkable form of art and the spectacular visual effect created by Michael J. Krob.

Each masterpiece is cut from steel, then finished using several techniques that create a mesmerizing visual effect when the art reflects natural light. The steel is scorched to bring out some or all of the 32 natural colors. It illuminates inherent properties of the material from which it is forged. The variety of tone and color mean that every piece is unique. Once the design and form is complete the steel is Powder Coated for generational durability and everlasting beauty. The Powder Coat finished piece is virtually resistant to rust and corrosion.

To learn more about Michael's work, please visit: www.reflectionsinmetal.com