Mike Merriman

Merriman,Michael KNIVESMike Merriman lives in Crested Butte, Colorado where he creates knives in his studio overlooking the Rocky Mountains. Mike spends his weekends at tine art and craft festivals throughout the country selling his New West Knives.

When asked about his artistic process, Mike replies, “Inspiration for my work initially came from the art of composition which I studied over an eight year period as a professional photographer; and, from combining wood with steel as a traditional boat builders apprentice. These influences have translated into the sculptured steel knives and sets I make today.”

For those who love fine food, cooking is an art, and the knife is the artist’s brush. Mike makes his knives like a fine chef cooks. He uses the finest ingredients and prepares them with the patient hands of an artist. Each knife is a finely crafted masterpiece, a fusion of form and function. The efficiency of the blade and he subtle curves of the handle combine seamlessly to create a technically flawless, culinary instrument. Mike’s finished knives are nothing short of pure beauty.

Any well-made knife will slice, dice, chop and cut. But only a superbly designed and crafted tool will wield like an extension of your hand. Mike knows what he is talking about. He has spent years working in commercial kitchens where he has handled a myriad of knives of varying shapes and sizes. Though he uses influences from the finest European and Asian blade designs, he creates a uniquely American style blade. His passion for aesthetic beauty combined with raw experience has forged itself into his New West Knife Works collection. While the beauty of his New West Knives may give the appearance of a tool reserved for special occasions, Mike guarantees their durability in day-to-day use.

Mike can be reached at his studio at (970) 349-0406.