Roberto Marquez

marquez,roberto2_over copper fountainRoberto Marquez is a copper artisan who creates custom waterfalls, fountains, and tiki torches. Each art piece is handmade, hand cut, torched and hammered from copper sheets and tubing by Roberto at his studio in Tucson, Arizona.  The real artistry comes in his ability to create a balanced fountain with cascading waterfalls that sound enticing and keep the water flowing evenly within the fountain.
Whether you choose a large out door waterfall or desktop fountain you will enjoy the look and sound for many years.  Click here for additional Images of my work.
Roberto grew up in San Carlos, Mexico, near the Sea of Cortez which inspired him to create the trickling waters, cactus, and lily motifs.  Roberto holds both dual citizenship in Mexico and the United States where he has been making handmade copper fountains for over eight years.

Reach Roberto at his studio in Tucson, Arizona at 520-331-4127, or online at: