Deborah Valiquet-Myers

Calling-for-Leaving2 deb valiquetMy mixed-media paintings explore themes that develop through the building of layers. Each painting begins with a vision or concept that evolves almost with a life of its own. Successive layers refine and articulate the voice of the piece. Although contemporary in style, old world details and architecturally reminiscent fragments are interwoven in my paintings. A unique blend of old and new is enhanced by the use of heavy dimensional texture, iridescent highlights and metal leafs.
My materials include acrylic paints and inks; dimensional mediums; handmade papers; metallic powders; fabrics, fibers and threads; pastels and pen and ink. As layers are added, some details are obscured, some are sanded or scrubbed through and new ones appear. This process creates a multi-dimensional painting of depth and dimension, bold design and fine detail. The challenge is in letting the piece speak for itself and in knowing when it is complete.
I am a self-taught artist. Choosing to leave an accounting career in 1994, I have been painting and selling my work through fine art shows, galleries and shops since 1995. Starting with high end contemporary painted furniture, I turned to wall art in 2001. My work has been sold in the Chicago and Dallas areas and as well as to collectors from all parts of the country through shows and galleries in the southwest.
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