Linda Christine

christine,linda1 paintLinda Christine’s solid foundation in watercolor and oil painting using a traditional style, had lead her to a new frontier of abstraction, Another Dimension™. “I like the viewer to finish the painting with their imagination and feel the spirit of the piece,” she says.

Linda studied art in California, and is an award winning artist and master watercolorist. She later became intrigued with oil and uses an impressionistic style to convey the natural beauty of her surroundings.

Inspired by history, color, and formation, her art reflects her own Native American ancestry and love of the earth. Her paintings echo the surreal and spiritual qualities of nature’s ever-changing landscape. Linda’s fascination for plein air paintings grew and took her to many locations in California, Arizona and the Southwest.

Using music and visual imagery for inspiration, Linda Christine creates from deep within. Currently using mixed media in a mystical style, she captures the mood and emotion of Another Dimension™. As she explores colors and textures using mixed media on canvas, intrigue and mystery draw the viewer in for a closer look.

Linda Christine can be reached at her studio in Cottonwood at (928) 649-1633, or online at