Michael Sussna

sussna fresh fractalsMichael was born in 1950 in New Jersey. He has a BA in Philosophy from Sonoma State University, an MS in Computer Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from the University of California, San Diego. Michael began developing software in 1973 and creating fractal art in 1985. Michael’s images are held in private collections across the United States.

Michael is also a published poet and has done original theoretical work in number theory, multivalued logic, physical chemistry, semantics-based information retrieval, and the statistical analysis of baseball.

Many traditional artists have embraced computer graphics to enhance representational depiction. Other digital artisans have employed these new capabilities to create previously

unimagined visual abstractions. The variety of both the potential imagery and the virtual equipment for manipulating it is in effect inexhaustible. Fractal digital imagery is a relatively young yet already rich field. Though different from traditional art, this digital medium also demands a well-developed esthetic sense. Mastery of an ever-evolving toolset permits results perfecting form, color, texture, and composition.

Michael explores undiscovered worlds of exotic scenery filled with exquisite shapes in colorful profusion. This journey into the wilds of magical fractal imagery is made possible by and is a reflection of the beauty of mathematics. These intricate designs serve as snapshots capturing panoramas from the limitless uncharted realms of inner space and often feature spirals speaking spiritually to us of infinity. Michael calls his geometric yet organic results “photoreal abstracts.”
You can reach Michael at his La Jolla, California studio at 858-453-6558, or online at www.sussna.com