Morten Fadum

Fadum,Morten 3 shipsI am not sure what it is that takes an artist from one body of art to the next. I have had a few very successful groups of art in my life. I suspect it is that little ‘knocking’ in your head that wants you too look away from what you have been doing and ‘try me…try me !”

My current work , we refer to as “Even Poets Dance”. This happened to be the title of a book I wrote that included much of my art. “Even Poets Dance” grew out of a series of sculpture projects starting with wildlife and growing to ‘hooded primitives with spears and friendly bears and talking ravens”…I called this art “The Snowman’s Saga”…definitely influenced by my Viking heritage and a need to pursue an understanding of the past as it applies to the future I was looking towards. Well….’Snowman’ turned into “Poets” and poets is primitive images and original ‘art poetry’ It is a good body of art and has an interesting following. I have had more unique and challenging conversations in my art booth over this art effort than any work I have ever done!

My newest book “…A Whispering in the Leaves” is out now and is a good one. I hope you get a chance to see and read it.(available on this web sight)

More writing in the future for me…the combining or visual art and writing/poetry is a ‘wonderment’ to see it come from my own hand.
You can reach Morten at his studio in Colorado at (719) 930-1529, or online at