Richard Curtner

Richard Curtner
"Richard Curtner is skilled in numerous mediums of art. However, he prefers to work in Textual Collage (word collage) presentations. This self developed new medium that he has been using for over ten years differentiates him from other artists. His collages are a capsulation of written text focused on subject matter creating realistic visual images, provoking inner thought, opening dimensions of contemplation that are otherwise unseen "thoughts". "His pieces tell stories on so many different levels."-Tonja Steel, American Chronicle.

Curtner is a unique artist whose museum quality works speak for themselves. As a self taught artist yearning for skills of mastership, his path of study led him to the tutelage of Stephen Baumann, the internationally renowned American painter recognized for his landscape and western painting. He continued his studies in the Dominican Republic, with famed artist Guillo Perez, internationally known for his landscape art. Curtner has been enjoying exhibitions in museums, galleries, and festivals as well as publication in national and international magazines, books, and other media.

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