Robert Marble

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Robert Marble

Robert Marble’s aim is to help people laugh at themselves. One of today’s noted contemporary humorous artists, he devotes himself to satirizing various professions and sports with insight and accuracy.

“I just paint what I see,” says Robert. On each cartoon you will find his trademark, a little red bird. When Robert finished his first long (10 x 38) painting in 1974, he stepped back and observed, “This painting needs a touch of red.” With a stroke of his brush, the little red bird was born.

Robert Marble was born in 1946 and raised in Southern California. An art major in college, he is a self-taught cartoonist, who, after years of working as an art director and vice president of an advertising firm, resigned in 1974 to examine the lighter side of life through art. His success comes from his ability to make us smile. “I feel fortunate to be doing what I love best,” he tells friends and customers. His original acrylic paintings and limited edition lithographs are displayed in private and corporate collections throughout the United States and abroad.

Robert Marble lives in Newport Beach, California with his wife, Marie, and their two sons. He continually creates new work and is always looking for original ideas. The creation of all giclees and lithographs sold through RedBird on the Web is supervised by Robert to ensure that the reproductions are of superior quality.

You can reach Robert Marble at his studio in Newport Beach at 949-760-0611 or online at

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