Roni Nordbye

nordbye_over dark paintGrowing up in New York City in the 1940’s through the 1970’s, I was saturated in the Fine and performing arts. By the time I was able to walk I had viewed original Van Gogh’s, Cezanne’s, Lautrec’s, and hundreds of other priceless works of art.

I often visited and later moved to New York’s famous Greenwich Village. A place teaming with artists, Thespians, Writers and Musicians.

My artistic experience is broad, and spans over fifty years. For example my work has been shown in over forty artist exhibitions and galleries throughout the country.

I have also taught art, drawing, painting and art history at Colorado Northwest Community Collage and have taught many other art classes private-as well as the elementary and secondary levels.

In addition I have painted murals around New York City, and a mural for publicity for a major motion picture company for the film “The Day the Fish Came Out” in 1967

I also did art work for the window displays on Fith avenue in New York City, and an article written about my work was published in a 1967 edition of Women’s Wear Daily.

I have been a full-time Portrait Painter, Wildlife Conservation Artist, Textile Designer, Stage Set Artist and Photograph Restoration Artist.

My main objective is to take creativity to dimentions not yet explored.

Through much evolving, I feel great personal success and acheivement in my discoveries.

What I love the most is to greatly surprise and shock myself.
You can reach Roni at Nordbye Studio in Mesa at 602-679-8993 or