Sam Luger

luger_over paintsI use the beauty and determination of nature coupled with the safety found in the grid of ornamental design as an inspiration for my artwork. These elements co-exist in a visual way to create a metaphor for my life. Ornamentation provides a structure constantly I crave while colors are moods and insets act as windows for thought, memory or emotion.

I often include an element in my work that continues to evolve, such as rust. I am a mixed media artist and work in oil, graphite, pastel and watercolor – I like the freedom and depth created as they are contrasted with each other.

I have been in the graphics arena most of my professional life making the use of color and composition almost a way of life for me. I feel there is a lot to be learned from the dialogue and interaction that occurs between the artist and the client. My biggest accomplishment is captivating my two-year-old daughter with a piece of artwork.

You can reach Sam Luger at his studio on Scottsdale at 480-614-0220, or email