Tina Schneider


Humans all participate with the process of creation.  In childhood we are rooted in our imaginations.  As we develop and experience our world, personal interests direct us towards what our creative contributions will be.

In my life, painting and drawing were my first obvious creative outlets.  In college, my focus was multi-media sculpture. During my last semester of college I was introduced to the potters wheel. Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Art Education from the University of Florida, I spent five years working with local master-potter John Tilton, as a studio hand. These years of work, along with post-graduate wheel throwing courses at U.F., gave me the knowledge and confidence to pursue my own art career.
In 2001 I moved to Arizona where I purchased my first home on the outskirts of Sedona.  The land that I am surrounded by inspires and facilitates my artwork.  In the past few years I have explored several avenues of creativity. Clay remains a part of my work and is now used to sculpt faces for fairies assembled from objects of nature.  Painting has become a primary focus again.  I am also moving into performance art through the hoola hoop and dance.