Victoria Orrico

My name is Victoria Orrico.  I am a self taught artist from the Illinois suburbs.  I now reside in Carefree, AZ with my husband Geno, 3 dogs and 2 cats.  As far back as I can remember my biggest dream has been to be an artist.  I have been very blessed to be a working artist in different mediums since the age of 17.  About 15 years ago I started doing stained glass and fell in love with the beauty of the "Raw" art glass as the light transmitted through it as well as the light that was reflected from it.  I love combining different objects and textures into my art.  Being able to use my God given talents and bring my visions of beauty into the world is my definition of happiness.

I also work with paper and other mediums because I am inspired by many forms of art.  

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