Daniel Ng

ng,daniel bathtub etc.Daniel Ng’s paintings are reflections of urban life. He is fascinated by views of everyday living. His medium is acrylic on canvas. The subjects of his paintings are an assembly of modern décor and urban environments. The unique perspectives are enhanced as a result of curved lines and foreshortened proportions. Each focal point is illustrated with movement and flow, guiding the viewer through the painting. Bright and rich colors are used, giving the subjects life and clarity. The composition of line and proportion are pushed to the limits of distortion, resembling a fisheye view. As a result, the observer is drawn into the paintings by this illusion of space. The modern masters, Picasso, Matisse Van Gogh and Chagall, influence Daniel. He may be reached at his studio in Oakland, CA at (510)763-1684, or visit him on the web at www.danielngart.com.