David Gordon

gordon,david night roomIn his art, David Gordon strives for simple compositions with layers of meaning. He has applied this expressionist style to all his subject matter including the intimate psychological spaces of his interior series. In these David explores his relationship to the world through decorative elements creating a flux between subject matter and personal point of view…a chair becomes a surrogate for the artist giving the familiar omniscient purpose.

“The chair you often see in my paintings has come to represent me. What informs the space around the chair reflects what is happening in my life.” Colors ranging from saturated and jewel-like to cool and subdued reinforce the provocative, pensive nature of David’s art. David Gordon is a native of Montreal. He received a bachelor of Fine arts from University of Arizona in 1991 and now divides his time between San Diego and San Francisco. His work is in collections across the country, Australia and in Europe and can be seen in galleries in California and Arizona. You can reach David at his studio at (619) 549-3278 the artist online at www.davidgordon.ws/