Debra Ozello

ozello,debra1 glassesDebra uses color as a powerful entity in her contemporary still life painting. Her treatment of ordinary objects such as a tube of lipstick or a simple cup of coffee enable one to discover interest, drama and humor in common everyday things.

She prefers acrylic paints because they are quick drying allowing her to change and layer colors. Debra counterbalances these colorful, vibrant paintings with charcoal figure drawings on heavily textured and painted canvases. The contrast challenges her to new ideas. But it is her magnetic appeal to color that drives her to paint.

A native of Arizona, Debra earned her bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University. The next fifteen years kept her moving all over the Southwest. She returned to Arizona in 1996. Debra is a member of the National Acrylic Painters’ Association. Her work is featured in collections throughout the United States. For more information about her work, reach her at (480) 451-9114, or on the web at