Jon Ross

ross,-jon kissingExploring individual identity and external influence, the artwork of Jon Ross seizes the attention as it portrays the tension between the innate and the constructed, the natural and the artificial.

Ross names the resulting style “New Geometric,” which stems from the contemporary subject matter and the questions of geometry that initiated the style’s development.  While utilizing figural forms, the blending of the concrete and abstract creates a realm of supernatural sophistication.

Since Ross believes a figure, its individual parts, and its backgrounds are all interdependent, each painting is a glorification of the human body, the surrounding spaces that shape it, and the hidden components that compose it.  Therefore, the surrounding spaces of his models become a key factor in defining their physical appearances and poses.  The result is a painting that undulates with curvilinear dance—a dance that exemplifies surroundings glorifying a complex person and a complex person glorifying surroundings.

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