Joshua Serafin

serafin GOLDEN SURFERJoshua Serafin is a thirty-three year old aspiring artist. He has been a resident of Huntington Beach, California for twenty-five years and recent graduate of California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelor of Art degree. Serafin’s emphasis was in painting and photography. However he enjoys working in various mediums such as computer graphics, charcoal, and pen and ink. His wife refers to him as a romantic not only in terms of their relationship but towards life itself.

The following is Serafin’s words about his artwork…

“My paintings are much closer to expressing how I feel about what I see and experience rather than trying to duplicate what is “there”. I produce art through various mediums as a way to share and remind others, as well as myself, that when we experience certain times in our lives we should never forget how we felt. These times are memories that are forever happening throughout our lives.

I want the viewer to see my work and become lost in his/her own path of memories. By seeing in my work ones own memories, the viewer is reminded of themselves, who they are and where they come from. My art is a statement that touches upon emotion. Emotion that strikes the chord of energy in life.

My photography is another outlet to help feed my passion to re-live the instantaneous moments in life. The photographs I take stand alone as works of my art, as well as having the potential to be recreated in my painting. Life itself is a canvas to be painted.”
You can reach Joshua at his Huntington Beach studio at 949-394-7871 or online at