Judith Visker

Judith Visker
About Judith Visker

Judith Visker sees colors in a unique approach to the landscape and structure. Her distinctive imagination grew while living in Minnesota, growing up in the country, playing in the fields, and realizing the importance of the house where the family gathers. Other structures and landscapes have intrigued her as she has lived in different locations and now resides in Arizona. Life as a wife, mother, and nurse has contributed to the paint application as she expresses herself with fascinating themes.  Professionally trained holding a BFA and an MA, Judith also keeps current by attending workshops in various states by recognizable artists.

Artist Statement

My art has evolved into recognizable imagery of linear expressionism. The work begins with a small thumbnail of an idea and is resolved on the surface of the canvas. I am passionate about color as I create this world of my own and pattern will often appear and will nearly encase that world.  Of certain importance is my desire to create a joyful uplifting painting as I journey along.

To learn more about Judith's work, please visit her website at www.viskerart.com.

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