Lionel Dougy

Lionel Dougy

Lionel Dougy

Earning a living from his art and in turn living through his art, this cosmopolitan artist was born in Paris and raised between old Europe and the United States.  Lionel cannot remember a time when he was not passionately interested in beauty and harmony and the ways to express his vision of it.

He chose the oil medium at age twelve and has been faithful to it, working tirelessly at perfecting his art when his other obligations schedule permitted.  His technique has improved and has reached a zenith to which we are invited again and again.

Lionel’s first influences were the old masters of Europe whose Images were an integral part of his environment and imprinted on his developing consciousness, in France and Germany.  Every form of the arts were omnipresent and highly prized, abundant and revered, Architecture being the most readily visible. Classical beauty played a large role in the Artist’s life in the post world war but was not readily accessible in the crashed economy

At fifteen the future artist arrived in New York and traveled to the West by land.  This trip played a major role for the artist during that journey, he discovered the “Wide Open Spaces”.  He has been under the spell ever since.  The prevailing affluence, the beauty of the wilderness, the expanse and the kindness of the people of his adopted land unleashed his full potential.  It provided a great source of inspiration while giving him access to a better life.

Kalispell, Montana, “Big Sky Country” the land of the Flathead and Blackfeet was the starting point of Lionel’s success.  There he encountered concepts of wild beauty and space difficult to image in the old county where space is a luxury few can afford.  This was an epiphany, the beginning of what was to come for the hopeful artist. He graduated in Kalispell, city of his beginnings, married and enlisted in the U.S. Army, from there.  Being a Vietnam vet is a token of his gratitude to the country that gave him so much, according to him.

The budding artist served in Georgia, Kentucky, Virginia, Washington and Germany. His tour at the DMZ in Korea acquainted him with the” Land of the Morning Calm”.  A leitmotif in his artistic works.

The Army quickly discovered the talent in uniform and put it to good use for the benefit and morale of the troops.  He became an Army artist and the murals that served as his life size canvases are still visible on bases all over the U.S. and Europe.  He traveled a lot while a soldier, creating and showing his work all over the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Honorably discharged in Washington, twelve years later, Lionel embarked on his professional artistic career of his own.

Moved to the state of Nevada where he continued to express his vision of the world on canvas.  Many Galleries now show his work. Greeting card and puzzle companies have published many of his images. And magazines and other media have taken notice of his talent, worldwide.

His recurring themes are union and harmony; between heaven and earth, night and day, human and animal, physical and spiritual. Any means by which he can reconcile humans to nature and each other.  To achieve this goal Lionel goes into his endless imagination, taps into his great talent by marrying color and form in order to reach new levels of visual, spiritual and ethereal beauty.  To gaze upon his works is to be transported to another plane or dimension, one where all is right and well with the world and its inhabitants, animate and inanimate.

To find out more about Lionel’s work please visit or by phone at 702-292-7016.