Liz Cummings

cummings_over CaliforniaLiz was born in Bronxville, New York and lived there until she graduated high school. She moved to Southern California and ultimately met Gary, her husband, and they are raising their two children. They have had opportunities to travel, and she chooses the Mediterranean scenery where the light is brilliant and the charming villages are plentiful.

“I confess I only go where the weather is warm and the food is good!” says Liz. “I love to paint architectural scenery and gravitate toward the Mediterranean. My oil paintings are done in a realistic style so you can easily enter the locations via the canvas.”

The warmth of Italy is a magnet to the paintbrush, her colors span the entire painter’s palette. With a special love for architecture and water, Liz has painted many of Italy’s picturesque coastal towns and the majestic villages of Lake Como. Most recently, travels took her to Tuscany, with it’s vast landscapes of vineyards and olive groves sweeping the horizon. It’s easy to lose yourself in endless fields of red poppies, guilded flax and honeyed wheat.

Currently Liz is working on large format canvases, treating each painting like a mural. “I want you to feel the sun’s heat, smell the fragrance of the fields, and taste the wine from your first view of the canvas” Liz accentuates your experience using the large scale which feels life-size.

She uses light to create different moods of the day. The brightest of sunlight warms you from within, and late afternoon is drenched in golden color, as long streaming shadows span the canvas. Liz’s technical background in drafting and architectural rendering are evident in the detail of her work, though her passion is fine arts and the stunningly beautiful architecture of the Mediterranean villages she visits. She has been successfully painting for a living for 15 years, in which time people from all over the U.S., Canada, and Europe have collected her work.

You can Liz her at her studio in Laguna Niguel at 949-249-2552 or online at