Lynda Alcamo

Alcamo.cavecreek (2)Tucson artist and native of Wisconsin, Lynda Alcamo pushes the limits of watercolor and oils in an attempt to create a fresh and bold style unlike any work seen by her contemporaries.  Often referring to her work as “Big Color”, Lynda saturates her images in bright, highly intense and nontraditional color choices.  Her adeptness at successfully rendering a wide range of subject matter to canvas or paper can be seen in her large body of work which she shows throughout the western states.

Artistic since early childhood, Lynda holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Stout along with a multitude of continuing art courses and workshops.

A working artist for the past 17 years, Lynda has been exhibiting and selling her ceramic wildlife in galleries and art venues across the western United States.  Favoring the raku firing process, a Japanese firing technique known for producing brilliant metallic colors and finishes, Lynda has always been drawn to bold colors in her art. A complement to her ceramics, Lynda’s colorful expressionist paintings have long been a satisfying artistic outlet for her.

Lynda creates her oil paintings in her home studio in Tucson and her watercolors while traveling the west.  Desert and mountain images flow from memories and dreams in a prolific collection of botanicals, landscapes, figures and meticulously drawn illustrations.

“With immense gratitude for my husband Michael’s confidence in my work, I was able at the age of 35 to follow my dreams and create art full-time.  After battling breast cancer at the age of 45, I came to realize our life on this earth is limited and so very precious and so I’ve decided to fill the world with images that bring joy not only to myself but those who view my work.”

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