MaiLe Keller

MaiLe Keller
Painting is a way of expressing my emotions and my life. I work with images of my environment because of my great enthusiasms about living in the Sonoran Desert. Painting from my photographs allows me to capture numerous interesting moments in the desert some including southwest wildlife. After examining my reference material I simplify colors and create textures which show depth and give a realistic style to my painting.

All of my paintings are rich in texture. I give an impasto feel to my work by mixing acrylic paint with various gel mediums. My college art Professor Eisen inspired me to explore the beauty of texture as it brings more depth to my paintings. After this early exposure, it has been excited to continue my exploration of this element in my work.

The Sonoran Desert plays significant role for my art and my life living in Arizona. I like the Saguaros, Saguaro Blossoms, desert mountains, desert canyons, the warm and hot climates, sunsets and many flavors of the desert. The Saguaros are the most commonly seen plants in Arizona. In all of my Saguaro paintings, I mix paint with Modeling Paste and Gloss Super Heavy Gel together to create texture adding to the illusion of realism. The Saguaro's unique shapes and colors accent the rest of the landscape in the paintings. I like how the sunset changes colors in the desert.

The Greater Roadrunner is a bird that has inspired me along with the desert culture. "Roadrunner" is my nickname and it's a commonly seeing bird in Arizona. Roadrunner also plays very important roles for the local Native American tribes. Some tribes including the Hopi, believe "the roadrunner provided protection against evil spirit" (The Roadrunner). Most Native Americans are spiritualists and see the roadrunner as special. For my roadrunner paintings, I mixed paint with various Gel mediums to make the colors of the feathers to stand out.

Other than roadrunner, I paint numerous of southwest wildlife. For my wildlife paintings, I mix pain with modeling paste to create textures by adding depth to the illusion of realism. I paint the wildlife are common and uncommon seeing in the Sonoran Desert. The Ringtail Cat is the state mammal of Arizona, but is' one of the uncommon seeing nocturnal mammals. Cactus Wren is the state bird of Arizona, and it's one of the most commonly seeings birds in the Sonoran Desert. The Sonoran Desert includes sixty mammal species, three hundred and fifty bird species, and over one hundred reptile species.

I'm the member of Sonoran Art League, it's a great accomplished for me to get involved with other outstanding artists in the valley and in the art shows. After my experience on roadrunner paintings, I'd like to expand my interest and paint anything relates to the beautiful Sonoran Desert. I will continue to paint what the Sonoran Desert means to my life.

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