Nadia Heppell

Klein,Nadia bubblesNadia Heppell is originally from Siberia, Russia, near the border of Mongolia and China. Nadia has lived in the United States for six years, first three years in Chicago, and the past three years in Las Vegas. Nadia remembers her homeland of Siberia as a stark, cold landscape. There is beauty in this environment Nadia says, and the winters were not unlike Chicago, only much colder. Nadia prefers the warmth and sunshine she has found in Las Vegas. Her use of bold colors reflects this.

Nadia considers herself a professional artist. Nadia says being an artist is “not her favorite thing. But you don’t have a choice it is a part of you.”

Faces and eyes are Nadia’s favorite subject matter. Nadia also loves illustration and would someday like to illustrate children’s books. Nadia’s eyes sparkle as she says children’s books in her broken accent.

Nadia says a down side in addition to the challenge of supporting herself with her art is artist’s block. Nadia varies her media from oils, to pen and ink illustrations, and sketchbooks. The variety helps her work through artist’s block. Nadia makes herself work every day. After she works through a block in her creativity, Nadia says she gets better at her work.

Nadia’s oils have become commercially popular. Her subjects include her favorite faces and eyes, and coy fish. Nadia resists replicating her popular works. As she puts it, other contemporary oil painters she knows make a popular painting, and then work to replicate the work. She resists this urge. Nadia says making copies of popular works is not what she wants to do. Everything she creates is an original. Nadia says, “I think, I don’t copy myself. I am afraid to copy what sells well. (To copy) feels empty, not personal. Instead I do whatever comes out of me.”

Nadia’s bright impressionist oils have begun to receive acclaim. “I know when what I paint is good. People respond and I get commissions, Nadia says.

Nadia Klein markets her work at art festivals in southern Nevada, and Arizona. Her shows include the ArtFests of Henderson, NV and Scottsdale, AZ; the Celebration of Art in Summerland, and the Vranesh Studio shows in Green Valley and Lake Las Vegas.

Besides Nadia’s oils, and pen and inks she also paints on glass. “It is what I do to relax after work on my art,” she says. “It is fun.” Nadia can be reached at her studio in Nevada at (702) 227-3597, or online at