Pat Roman

Pat Roman

Pat Roman

I’m not sure if it was the Arts & Crafts period furnishings of the California Impressionist painters that first got my attention. But it was the reason I started looking at “Art” in a whole different way.

Born in northern California, my folks moved to Hawaii in 1954, before statehood, and settled in Kailua on Oahu, into the casual “Island” lifestyle. During my senior year at high school I worked after classes for a small jeweler that my teacher set up for me. And the following year became an apprentice in a downtown Honolulu jeweler. I also worked in the International Market Place until I came to L.A. and attended the Gemological Institute in 1974, becoming a Graduate Gemologist. So, after 30 years in the jewelry business, I have a new passion!

As my husband and I collected vintage paintings and Arts & Crafts furnishings of the early 1900’s, my awareness grew, particularly the California Impressionist painters. So, in 1996 I took a drawing class. That was it! Drawing, to printmaking, more drawing, and then a painting class, “Introduction toVermeer”.

I am a full time artist and work in my studio where my two cats spend their required sleeping time, often sneaking into my still-like setups to bask in the heat of the lamps. Most of my work is from photos or still-like, in regular sizes and also “smalls” and “miniatures”.

I work with traditional oil paint in my studio from photos I have taken, or still-life setups. My usual subjects are California landscapes, high-lighting Oaks on hills, poppies, valleys, animals, rocks and what ever else gets in the way. Mostly, my attention is caught by the shadow a subject creates, and from that point the “light” finds its place.

My pieces are painted on canvas, gesso’d paper, and art board, in very large sizes and Miniatures. And I often paint the same subject large and tiny at the same time, it’s a great lesson in composition!

Pat Roman can be reached at his studio at (714) 731 – 5543, or email