Robert Ransom

Ransom,Robert2 sunny dayRobert Ransom’s unique paintings style began while he was attending Northern Arizona University. Robert’s oil paintings combine intense color with simplicity of form. Robert applies his oils in layers, each drying before applying the next. This gives his paintings the boldness and depth they are known for. Forced perspective, maximum intensity primary colors applied in oil glazes, familiar yet haunting backgrounds set the stage for the expressiveness of the figures, surrogates of human actions that are used as triggers for a physical and emotional response of the viewer. Simplicity of composition while retaining a high degree of sophistication is paramount, for it allows the viewer and the characters in the painting to operate in uncluttered surroundings and social conditions that suggest interpersonal relationships between the figures, their environment and possibly between the viewer and his or her own experiences. More information about Robert Ransom’s work is available at