Shana Tate

tate,shana loveI started painting in high school in my homeland of Taiwan. My real teacher and inspiration was my late father, who was a master of Chinese art. Since coming to America in 1977, my family and career have been the focus of my life. Now my daughter has a career of her own in graphic design, and my husband continues his own artistic pursuits. They have been an inspiration to me. With their encouragement I have once again taken up my Chinese brush since 2000, to paint the beauty of colorful great outdoors through my inner expressions.

I especially like calligraphy. I can customize each artwork, include a saying or proverb perhaps. The words I chose to paint are inspirational with blessing and loving thoughts that apply to our daily lives. My favorite subject matter is nature: bamboo, flowers, butterflies, birds and simple landscapes. Most of my work is done with traditional Chinese brush and ink sticks on rice paper or various hand made fiber paper. I also like to use watercolors for painting and other art projects, such as unique gift ideas for special occasions, and greeting cards.
You can reach Shana Tate at her gallery in Gilbert, Arizona at (480) 275-4875, or online at