Carlos West

west PINK ADOBECarlos West is a man of two cultures. Although he was born in Los Angeles, he has a heartfelt fondness for Chihuahua, Mexico, where he was raised. This fascination with the land of his youth is reflected in his work.

He was born into a family of artists. When he displayed a talent for the arts at an early age, his family cultivated this interest. He returned to the Sates to complete his education and attended several colleges and art schools, notably Otis-Parson. For more than a decade, he studied with the renowned watercolorist, Robert Uecker. These courses were taught throughout California and Hawaii. As a result, he has developed a vivid spectrum of colors and images through his personal study of picturesque and diverse landscapes. He has painted for over thirty years.

Although he has studied nature in its varied terrain, Carlos is continually drawn to the land of his childhood. He possesses a particular affinity for the Mexican and Southwest landscape.

He has been featured in one-man shows and group shows in galleries, museums and universities. Throughout Mexico, he is a well-known art figure, whose work is highly regarded and respected. He has also exhibited in this country, particularly in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Sedona, Arizona; and Southern California.

Being true to his spirit Carlos currently lives and paints in both United States and Mexico.

“I like nature and its surroundings, its open spaces. I get lost in my painting. I see myself right in the middle of my scene, and I love it!”
You can reach Carlos at his San Diego studio in ‘the states’ at 858-674-4197 or email: