Heidi Rosner

rosner,heidi fountain“As a Midwest native, I have lived in the West and Southwest for the last 19 years. My inspiration comes from scenes in and around the Southwest, the West Coast, as well as on location all over the world. I love painting en plein air and spend most of my creative time out on location. I travel extensively and have made my painting set up extremely portable so that I can take it with me wherever I go. Landscape painting has been a significant focus for me, particularly where there are architectural elements involved. I believe that my background in engineering helps me to capture architectural forms in a way that is both realistic and inviting. People often comment that they feel as if they could walk right into one of my paintings. My goal is to evoke that kind of emotional response in the viewer. I have somewhat of a fascination with doors, windows and passageways and like to capture their sense of mystery and intrigue in my work. In addition, my love of the outdoors helps me to see and capture the vibrancy of native plants in the scenes that I paint. Although my preferred approach is plein air painting, I do a significant amount of work in my home studio as well. I am a self-taught artist and have been pursuing the arts since finishing my Engineering degree. I focused many years on textile painting and began using watercolours almost 8 years ago. The fluid, spontaneous nature and flexibility of the medium allow me to express my creativity to the fullest.“

Heidi can be reached at her studio in Scottsdale at (480) 657-6392 studio, or online at  www.heidirosner.com.