Laurie Bender

Bender,Laurie2 canal The often-asked question of Laurie Bender’s award-winning paintings is “What medium are these?” The correct answer is, of course, “watercolor”. Laurie’s works defy the traditional impression of watercolors as pale, hesitant and washed-out. She paints vibrant landscapes, capturing not so much what places look like, but what they feel like, with bold, decisive strokes and luminous saturated color. As a colorist, Laurie pushes watercolor beyond traditional boundaries. Her colors, vivid and radiant with every part of the spectrum, are part of the artist’s journey toward self-discovery. This unique perception of color is an expression of her imagination. It elicits excitement: a new way of looking at life, and art. Laurie may be reached at her studio in Sherman Oaks, CA at (818) 788-3061 or by visiting her website a