Olga Alexandrova

alexandrovaAbout the Artist
Olga was born in Moscow, Russia. She started her art education in the school for gifted children of the Pushkin Art Museum, Moscow. This museum has one of the greatest collections of impressionist paintings in the world. Impressionism has had a strong influence on Olga’s artistic development. Olga attended Moscow State University where she majored in geology and later received her PhD degree in oceanography. Olga received formal training at the Scottsdale Art School (Arizona).

Artistic Vision
“Our emotional world overflows with reflections coming from real life. That might be the motion of a wind, the beauty and movement of dance, the recollection of an historical legend or the silhouette of an old tree, all reflected as living creatures in the artist’s mind. As soon as I begin transferring these images to watercolor paper they gain a degree of independence from me …they develop a life of their own like images on photographic paper. They may even argue with my own views during this process… So, what you see as a painting is our joint effort, a long lasting discussion between myself and reflections by the world, expressed in line and colors”. You can reach Olga at her online at www.olgacolors.com.