Robert Hooper

hooper AGAVE“Watercolor painting has unique qualities that has intrigued and inspired me for years. The transparency of the watercolors and the bright light of the paper together create a radiant and luminous work of art, special to watercolors”.

“The subjects that capture my interest may vary from a floral to a landscape or just the way light strikes an object creating intense colors and bold shadows. Layer upon layer of unmixed color, resulting in a painting which evokes peace and serenity, I strive to pay reverence to all the beauty in our lives…..ENJOY!”

Robert was born in Japan and lived in Yokohama until he was 14. Although self-taught, while living in Japan, his Aunt influenced him to draw with colored pencils. He learned to shade, mix and layer colors to create contrast and value. His love for simplicity and purity transcended his art to watercolors in pursuit of defining and refining his realism style.

Robert lives in Prescott Arizona and loves the abundance of colors, natural beauty and the scenic diversity in our state. He exhibits his work in Arizona at select fine art shows throughout the year.

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