Thierry Chatelain

chatelain_over palmsMy Parents were both born and raised in Paris, France. They met during and survived the Nazi occupation of Paris. In 1948, they moved to Casablanca, Morocco, and after the birth of my two brothers, I was born, November 4, 1952. In 1955, my family moved back to France, and a year later to the U.S., settling in San Diego, CA. By this time I had learned three languages on three continents. I was a little different from my classmates during my primary education in San Diego. I was artistic from a very young age, and was fascinated with mythology, ancient history, spirituality, and languages.

My family had no religion to speak of, but I was encouraged to explore whatever spirituality I wanted, and I explored them all. I was fortunate to be able to major in art in high school with a wonderful group of teachers. When I graduated in 1970, my parents sent me to Paris to study at the Ecole des Beaux Arts Decoratif for a year and to reconnect with my relatives and my French heritage. It changed my life in many ways. I then returned home and studied at the San Diego City College and San Diego State College for four years. I also studied with master watercolorist Harvey Adams.
You can reach Thierry at his studio in San Diego at 619-368-1607 or online at