Bart Aldrich

aldrich_over templeWhether the subject is a familiar landscape punctuated by a dramatic sky, a unique photo-abstract, or the exotic colors of a centuries-old Asian ceremony, the work of photographer/artist Bart Aldrich appeals to the viewer’s emotions in transporting them to new worlds.

With his lens Bart conveys a passion for expressing the essence of his subject matter. Using traditional and digital photography and elements from his original abstract paintings, Bart aspires to inspire his viewers to adventure, rekindle travel memories, and inject a fresh sense of discovery into the viewer’s daily world. Bart is an avid photographer who traveled throughout Asia while working and living in Hong Kong. A former wine sales representative, a Vietnam Veteran, he grew up in southern California. He has also lived in Hawaii for 12 years. He is now based in the scenic Coachella Valley of the California desert. His work can be seen at barious art shows and festivals around southern California, and Arizona.
You can reach Bart Aldrich at his studio in Indio, California at 760-989-0440, or online at