David Spiegelberg

Spiegelberg,David BLUE STARBURSTTo me photography is a form of fine art, incorporating the elements of color, light, composition, texture, contrast, feeling, and mood. I’m especially fanatical about composition and feel it’s the backbone and foundation of any great image. Whether it’s a sweeping panoramic or an intimate close up, I strive for uncluttered, compositional simplicity – a simplicity which allows the viewer to fully appreciate the beauty of a gently cascading waterfall, a freshly opened cactus blossom, or a blazing Arizona sunset.

In photography image is everything. Over the past fifteen years I have continued to modify my methods, techniques, and equipment to achieve the highest possible image quality. I shoot almost exclusively with a large-format 4X5 camera and use only low-speed, extremely fine-grain color slide/transparency film. Transparencies are converted to digital format using a high-density drum scanner, the highest quality scanner available. Once scanned, I “work” an image using PhotoShop software, submit the “worked” image to a professional photo lab, review the results, make more modifications and resubmit as many times as necessary to achieve what I feel is an exceptional print. It’s important to note that ALL image manipulation is done by me – the photo lab simply prints what I give them with no modifications or corrections of any kind.

Being a perfectionist at heart, I pride myself on the creation of only the highest-quality prints – prints that look natural and real and as close as possible to the original transparency. With the advent of digital photography, the long-standing “Cadillac” of color prints, Ilfochrome, has given way to a new breed of color prints produced on highly sophisticated laser and ink-jet printers. For me, the Fujiflex Crystal Archive print produced on the Durst Lambda printer has become my print of choice. This combination of paper and printer produces an exceptionally sharp, vivid, color-rich, highly archival print that rivals and often surpasses the quality of traditional Ilfochrome.

Having a great print is critically important, but how that print is presented and displayed can either “make” or “break” it. Because I’m very particular about workmanship, I do my own mounting, matting, and framing. I carefully select my (acid-free) mats and frames to ensure they enhance my images, making them cohesive works of art. Affixed to all works is a signed “Certificate of Authenticity” which guarantees the work to be authentic and original. Works with print sizes of 11”x14’’ and larger are created as limited editions.

We live in a restless, fast-paced, constantly changing world. If you look at my images and they give you a sense of order, serenity, and peace, then my “mission” as a photographic artist is accomplished. I truly feel a deep connection with nature and the elements. It is this connection, along with my love of the creative process, and my desire to capture nature’s beauty for others to see that continues to inspire and motivate me. I hope you enjoy and appreciate my images. They are a reflection of the beauty and artistry I see in Mother Nature!

David can be reached at his studio Mesa, AZ at 602-690-4086, or online at