Don Schimmel

Schimmel-Don_rocking chairLife as a freelance photographer has taken him to the four corners of the glove, and has put him in a variety of interesting situations. This exposure to the world is reflected in the vast inventory of images he has captured during his travels. In addition to the Western themed images for which he is known, Schimmel’s work encompasses images of stunning panoramic landscapes, abstract nature studies; to tribesmen and wildlife of the East African savannas. His latest endevour brought him back home to the world of the working cowboy. Focusing on black and white, sepia-toned images, or breathtaking Crystal Archive color prints, Schimmel has captured shots of rodeo scenes, western wildlife, and the life of the Working Cowboy. Schimmel works out of his 2000 sq. ft. studio in Orange, California. You can reach him on the web at