Hassan Atapour

atapour_over archIt began at age fourteen when Hassan Atapour was already involved with the arts of painting and graphic design: photography as an art form was new to him and his environment; He started studying and exploring the possibilities in photographic expressions as an art form from the beginning. With his first “Instamatic” camera, he experienced the joy of photography for the first time. Then he seriously pursued the learning of this exciting new art and science.
When he was in high school, his parents let him use the under-staircase half bathroom of their house as his darkroom. He used to go into his darkroom as soon as he was done with his school work. By the time he was ready to come out, the light of the new day was sliding through his darkroom’s door crack. Later on, mastering black and white photography, he started teaching photography in his high school.

Hassan Atapour was born in Mashhad, a religiously populated, major city in North-East Persia, (Iran.) Learning the techniques of this new art and craft did not come easy. At that time, there was a limited number of books and magazines available in photography, especially where he lived. Out of curiosity, with little English he knew, he used to ambitiously translate foreign photography articles found in magazines. Sometimes, half way through, he would discover the article was not written in English!

He moved to the united states in 1976 to pursue careers in both photography and engineering. He is now a registered structural engineer.

Love of nature and beauty, combined with hiking and traveling helped him accumulate numerous fine art photographic images, composing colors, light and forms. In 1985, Museum of Fine Arts in Central California displayed his art works for the first time in the United States.

Presently he exhibits his limited edition photographs in his own gallery exclusively, and in art festivals in Arizona, Nevada and California. A small selection is also being displayed in other galleries and in private collections throughout the world.

You can reach him at his studio in Old Town San Diego at (858)729-0088 or online at  www.atapour.com.