Jeremy Schlosser

schlosser,j_overJeremy Schlosser (Shot By J™) was born and raised in Northern California. His passion around photography started in middle school as it did for many generations, with a pin hole camera. By thirteen he had perfected his talent and through his love for the elements began to follow a path. Throughout college he continued to seek out interesting subjects and mediums. Since digital technology has become part of his craft, he has found opportunities where he can create visions through photography based in nature that implant themselves into our minds permanently. Living in Arizona and traveling constantly to find ideal subjects and situations, he seeks out unique environments where he captures visions in a way which allow others to have similar connections.

Visions of his work have been featured in galleries, art shows and other places where fine photography as art is appreciated. All of his photographs and limited editions are reproduced using a chromium metallic process which changes how the visions are interpreted and is not seen on this site. These are the raw images and the basis of the vision. We all have visions and dreams, this is his.

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